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Accessibility: An Indicator for Success

Accessibility: An Indicator for Success

In terms of the workplace, the word “accessibility” or “accessible” has generally denoted an “open-door policy” or a method of movement for those with disabilities – basically, a way to access someone or something. The evolution of the workforce and the diversity of its employees, environment and demands have expanded the definition of accessibility to include the application of the word to relationships, work space options and technologies. Using accessibility as a measurement for flexible work solutions can be one of the best quality assurance steps a health care company can make.

The concept of ‘accessible work’ forces partners with our commitment to offer choices to their clients, residents and patients. If we as employers expect our employees to offer choices and flexibility as part of care and services, we must also offer the same accessible choices to employees. This is not to suggest that we enable a workforce that is without boundaries, but consider the following options:

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The Highway to Harmony

Highway To Harmony

Our business of caring is based on exceptional customer service where excellence requires strong relationships and staff who understand their role in promoting positive interactions. And they must combine that nurturing and empathetic spirit with remarkable time-management and organizational ability. Staff members often find multi-tasking a dance of deadlines. All departments must work in unison. If one part of the machine is not as efficient or organized, the whole may be affected.

We’ve all had experiences when we get caught up in blaming each other for our bad day, and conflict rears its ugly head. The challenge is to resolve the issue instead of attacking the person. Conflict in the workplace usually surfaces as criticism about another staff person, resulting in subjective interpretation, gossip and innuendo, all of which fracture relationships. A good day is determined by “who is working with whom” rather than by everyone working together so that every day is a good day for everybody.

Why is it so difficult to maintain harmonious relationships in an industry that prides itself on caring for the frail?

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