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Best presenter I’ve seen to date on this subject matter.

Third time seeing Jayne present – excellent speaker and motivational. I would love to have her speak to our front line staff!

We found Jayne to be wonderful, a perfect mix between humour and getting right to the point. The staff and management spoke very highly of Jayne’s presentation and she was highlight of the two days for many of us there. I am very hopeful that we will be seeing Jayne in the near future and she will certainly be at the forefront of our minds when booking further training. Please pass my thanks onto her.

She is the most awesome presenter we have ever had as she is “Walking the talk!”

I wanted to tell you again, how much I enjoyed your presentation.  You are such an inspirational and ‘real’ speaker.  It was a treat to have you.  The quality and delivery of information is SO important and you definitely have the perfect combination.  Apart from the gift of laughter, our team was able to take back a lot of your strategies and are very excited about putting them into practice.

Jayne is an outstanding speaker!

The presenter is engaged. I wish she worked at my home!

Excellent, excellent workshop and speaker! More please!!!! Jayne is an amazing speaker and our front line staff would benefit from her positive energy. Please look at offering sessions to them.

Enjoyed the practical suggestions to enhance quality.

An Excellent presentation. Reality. Good examples, real life experiences, All staff could relate!

Always a privilege to listen to Jayne as she is knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She not only “talks the talk”, she also “walks the walk”!!

Thank-you for great info. Your personal experiences in LTC are so refreshing. “You get it”.

I don’t often rate a presenter as excellent, but Jayne certainly was. I would want to attend anything she presented….at least everything she says reflects my beliefs.

Every resident deserves for their caregiver to experience care. Every caregiver should experience Jayne Harvey!

This is one of the best/most informative workshops I have attended. I will also be informing my managers and the unit managers of the EXTREME value of this information.

I experienced several Ah-ha moments!

Jayne has great ideas to help bring creativeness to the home. I like that Jayne works in the field & so TRULY understands! 

You can tell you love your job! You are a wonderful speaker – enthusiastic, interesting. I enjoyed listening to you with pleasure. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

I loved Jayne’s presentation and her “common sense” approach to client care. I will be looking forward to another workshop with her.

We look forward to Jayne visiting our home.  She is the only speaker that staff will come in for on their own time!

Loved the real-life examples. The information presented was good theory grounded in real daily life examples.

The best seminar I have been to in a very long time! Jayne is awesome!

One of the best speakers that I’ve heard in A LONG TIME!

Engaging, interesting, humourous, truthful, patient centered advocate – great!

Jayne – you are the best speaker I’ve heard! Excellent information, engaging, enthusiastic, entertaining, knowledgeable! I learned so much!

Simply the best training for everyone who works in LTC!

It has been a long time since I have laughed so hard! THANKS!! Very informative 

Jayne’s sense of humour was engaging & delightful!

Great Tips! Nice to discuss real life situations that are happening in our home.

Totally wonderful!

Excellent Excellent Excellent! Inspirational, Motivational. Reminds us the purpose of our job and why we are here!

This workshop exceeded my expectations! Thank you for challenging me & providing me some ideas to make more “Valuable Visits” with my grandmother. Thank you!

Humour helps the tough topics!

Encourages participation – positive “spins” her responses. Excellent use of practical examples. Enjoyed the workshops!

Excellent Jayne. Thank you for making this so real.

The workshop was wonderful. The 2 hours flew by! Jayne was excellent!


Jayne Harvey’s New HEADS UP Program

Posted on December 18, 2014

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