Our very own Jayne Harvey has taken complex content, legislation, and "mandatories" and explained them with language that front-line staff actually understand, retain, and apply to their work environments.

The myTrainer courses were developed understanding the daily-demands of your staff.

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found no where else online.

eLearning content retention is 5X more likely when a combination of text, audio, narration, animations, video clips and quizzes are used.

myTrainer incorporates these mediums with professional designers, developers, and software to provide the highest quality inservices for your staff.

Jayne Harvey has taken complex content, legislation, and 'mandatories' and explained them in a format that staff can actually understand, retain and apply.

Staff cannot skip ahead, our quiz questions randomly rotate so no two quizzes are the same, and staff can always return to a course they weren't able to complete.

With myTrainer's "self-paced learning theory", staff can watch, review, and retake courses at their own pace to learn the content without fear of slowing down their peers!

Healthcare facilities report they've seen improved staff performance and customer service since implementing our program.

Assessment Courses

  • A01 - Interviewing and History Taking Skills
  • A02 - Assessment Process and Skills
  • A03 - Respiratory, Cardiovascular, and Abdominal Assessments

Safety Courses

  • S01 - Fire and Emergency Codes
  • S02 - Safe Body Movement and Positioning
  • S03 - WHMIS Overview

Food Service Courses

  • F01 - Safe Food Handling Practices
  • F02 - Food Borne Illness
  • F03 - Kitchen Safety Basics
  • F04 - Safe Food Temperatures and Times

Core Courses

  • C01 - Customer Service and Standards of Conduct
  • C02 - Hot Weather Related Illness
  • C03 - Infection Control Basics
  • C04 - Alzheimer's Disease
  • C05 - Managing Behaviours
  • C06 - Falls Prevention
  • C07 - Resident Abuse
  • C08 - Restraint Use
  • C09 - Grief and Bereavement
  • C10 - Resident Rights
  • C11 - Violence in the Workplace
  • C12 - Privacy and Confidentiality

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