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Mother, I’m Doing The Best I Can: For Families of Aging Parents

Are you confused and frustrated with decisions, pressures and stress? Attend this opportunity to put your life & family relationships into perspective.

This session will help you understand the issues facing families of aging parents and the necessary direction to resolve them.

Topics covered:

  • Understand your aging parent – their perception of wellness
  • Discover the positives in difficult situations
  • Help your family cope with the pressures
  • Learn to make it better
  • Learn how to encourage and empower your parent to consider change
  • Remember ….You can be guilt free!

Recommended for:
Families, Community Caregivers, Front-line Staff, Registered Staff, Managers

Keynote is 1-1.5 hours in length.

Handouts available for attendees
perfect for meetings

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Our Testimonials

Totally wonderful!

This workshop exceeded my expectations! Thank you for challenging me & providing me some ideas to make more “Valuable Visits” with my grandmother. Thank you!

I don’t often rate a presenter as excellent, but Jayne certainly was. I would want to attend anything she presented….at least everything she says reflects my beliefs.

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