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A State of Heightened Awareness: Shifting the Values of Healthcare

We are now being challenged to adapt policy and performance to meet new standards & elevate their dining service to a “Red Seal” moment for clients.

Yet their long standing staff have only “on site” cooking experience. The shift in values allows service providers the opportunity to teach organizations how to use existing products and systems to provide a “Red Seal” approach.

Topics covered:

  • Explore impact of customer service
  • Today’s healthcare trends
  • What is the “Red Seal” Guarantee?
  • What does the “Red Seal” look like in my facility/organization?

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Keynote is 1-1.5 hours in length.


Handouts available for attendees
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Our Testimonials

Jayne’s sense of humour was engaging & delightful!

I don’t often rate a presenter as excellent, but Jayne certainly was. I would want to attend anything she presented….at least everything she says reflects my beliefs.

One of the best speakers that I’ve heard in A LONG TIME!

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