Planning a conference, trade show, general meeting, or corporate retreat? Have a look at these great seminars that are sure to train and entertain your attendees.

Strawberries for Breakfast: <span>Preserving the Integrity of a Lifetime</span> Strawberries for Breakfast: Preserving the Integrity of a Lifetime

The elderly can bring with them a lifetime of practices, knowledge and identity. We are learning that wellness is directly associated with happiness.

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Mother, I’m Doing The Best I Can: <span>For Families of Aging Parents</span> Mother, I’m Doing The Best I Can: For Families of Aging Parents

Are you confused and frustrated with decisions, pressures and stress? Attend this opportunity to put your life & family relationships into perspective.

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A State of Heightened Awareness: <span>Shifting the Values of Healthcare</span> A State of Heightened Awareness: Shifting the Values of Healthcare

We are now being challenged to adapt policy and performance to meet new standards & elevate their dining service to a “Red Seal” moment for clients.

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Building Bridges Building Bridges

Healthcare demands interaction, independence & teamwork while generating stressors that strain the relationships it requires.
Become a builder!

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Anchoring Yourself to Positive Attitudes Anchoring Yourself to Positive Attitudes

In a relevant and humourous manner, explore the influences that interfere with a positive work environment and challenge our values.

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Take This Job… <span>and LOVE it!</span> Take This Job… and LOVE it!

Take a look at “office” politics, our relationship to each other’s success and why workplaces often become toxic. Learn how to create healthy relationships and love your job!

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It’s All About You! <br/><span>Celebrating & Refreshing Commitment</span> It’s All About You!
Celebrating & Refreshing Commitment

A motivational reminder that excites the spirit, reminds us why we chose our vocation and calls us to renewed commitment in facing daily challenges.

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A Cruise Ship Style Experience on a Rowboat Budget A Cruise Ship Style Experience on a Rowboat Budget

Picture the front of the home like a well stocked ocean liner dining experience; staff waiting on guests, a perception of luxury and bounty.

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Trends in the Business of Caring: <span>The Impact on Food Service</span> Trends in the Business of Caring: The Impact on Food Service

For the frail aging individual, life becomes a series of compromises and simple pleasures become the experiences that define wellness.

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