Specialized consulting services to ensure your facility/organization operates at the highest level of care.

Organizational Review

An “all – inclusive” review that helps you to  know whether your Organization is on the pathway to greatness or  needs a tune up.

  • On site review of all departments
  • Systems overview
  • Technology overview
  • Environmental overview 
  • Dementia and Specialized program overview/development
  • Hard copy report and recommendations

Whether you are on the journey to accreditation or simply feel the need to have a third party help to identify your needs, the organizational review positions your Organization to re-focus; re-energize and move through barriers of change. 

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Mediation & Faciliation

How much of your time is spent trying to unravel “he said/she said” only to have two staff; two departments; family and staff demanding results. Mediation & Facilitation can help to bring them back together with productive results.

  • 1:1 third party intervention with all parties
  • Established meeting and relational rules
  • Go forward plan that commits to healthy interactions and outcomes
  • Proactive steps to avoid Ministry complaints; union grievances
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An ongoing strategic relationship with teams that need guidance and re-building. Best suited for those “inherited” problematic teams/departments that require additional support to focus on re-establishing productivity.

  • Pre-meeting survey of members of the team/department
  • Personalized plan of action addressing indicated issues for the team/department
  • Routinely scheduled coaching with team in a group setting
  • Follow up coaching sessions reviewing goal achievements and progress
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Strategic Planning

Focus on building your team and removing obstacles while encouraging your organization to focus it’s energy on the big picture driven by the Mission, Vision, and Values of your organization.

  • Mission: What do you intend to accomplish, your overall purpose, the reason you exist.
  • Vision: How will you achieve your mission
  • Values: Principles or standards that you consider worthwhile and that you use to live or work by.

Upon completion of the Mission, Vision, Values review, participants are then taken through excersizes that ensure the Mission, Vision, and Values are truly reflected in the Strategic Planning direction of the organization.

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Train the Trainer

Need to get your core team trained and focused on how to educate others? Train the Trainer takes your core message or training and teaches your appointed staff how to best deliver their message.

  • Training content review and/or development
  • Personalized train the trainer binder for your Organization
  • On site delivery and mentoring of training content to your core team
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