Clear the Fog: The 7 Most Asked Questions about the myTrainer Inservice Program

1. What is the myTrainer Inservice Program and how can I use it?
Your goal and our goal is to help you to see positive behaviour change in your staff, ensuring your organization stays on mission to provide the highest possible of care and services through quality training.

Our nursing consultants have identified several common knowledge gaps, improper assumptions, or apathy in certain areas that are common to Canadian senior care workers. myTrainer is a series of 29+ online courses to help fill those gaps with intentionally selected, designed, and developed training content.

2. Can my staff take these online inservices at home?

Yes! The myTrainer Inservice Program is web-based. Wherever you or your staff have access to the internet you can login and take courses.

3. How long does it take to roll this out? I’m busy!
We’ve had several organizations use the User ID distribution tool we provide during implementation and roll out to their staff in less than 30 minutes. By the end of one week, we’ve seen an organization have over 1,000 course completions and it only took them 30 minutes!

Some organizations usually have an ‘inservice’ about the program, and hand out User IDs after this inservice. This 30 minute investment, saves hours and even days in the long-run.

4. Does this program record and track course completions?
Yes! myTrainer is available most commonly through the Healthcare Training Hub eLearning platform. With the Healthcare Training Hub, each staff member gets their own User ID and Password. The Healthcare Training Hub will record the completions associated with their account. You as management have higher level User ID where you can generate staff reports. The myTrainer Inservice Program can be made available through any Learning Management System, so if you already have a platform, we can arrange myTrainer to be available through your platform.

5. Can I manage my account on my own?

Definitely! The Healthcare Training Hub makes it easy to add Users, delete Users, assign courses to staff by departments and roles. We help you during setup to make sure everything is setup correctly, and then you can manage it from that point on. We’re always available for support if need be!

6. How much can I customize my account, can I add my own courses/content?
A lot! We can add your own courses to your account. We can add your policies/procedures and see who has read them. We also have healthcare supplier courses available.

Also, if your staff are already using User IDs for a different platform, we can match User IDs/passwords to make it as easy as possible for staff to remember.

We also have eLearning development services if you want to develop a full eLearning course to address an issue in your organization.

7. Can I even implement this in a union setting with non-computer savvy staff and minimal work computers?
Definitely! We have organizations that have implemented the program in all kinds of organizational dynamics. We have some organizations that have education rooms with computers and schedule staff to take courses, and other organizations that are encouraging staff to complete at home due to minimal computers. And staff are excited to do them at home instead of coming in on days off!

And depending on the dynamic in your home, some are paying staff for certain courses, and others are including as a part of their employment. We do not have a strict implementation policy for this very reason; you’re the expert of your home’s dynamic!

Well, I hope this short posthelped clarify some questions! Does is sound like the myTrainer Inservice Program is right for your organization? Find out for sure! Register for one of our webinars. We have them every Thursday at 3pm Eastern. Register here.

BONUS QUESTION. What are the people/studies saying about myTrainer?

  • Homes are noticing a positive behavioural change in the staff that take our courses
  • Homes are noticing better customer service and better interactions with residents, family members, and others from their staff.
  • Homes are savings a significant amount of money, decreasing staff replacement costs and the cost of onsite inservice days.

“My staff love it! They’re absorbing your content like a sponge!” – Administrator

“I really didn’t want to do inservices this way. But once I got into it, I found it very easy after all…and I prefer it to regular inservices!” – Front Line Staff Member

“I had a staff member barge into my office and say they LOVED this training, and left right after. It was hilarious.” – Director of Care

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