Jayne Harvey’s New HEADS UP Program

NEW in 2015!

Helping navigate care and safety when resident’s are demonstrating high-risk/aggressive behaviour.

To kick off our new HEADS UP PROGRAM, we’re releasing three 12 minute HEADS UP Perspective videos directly to your email for FREE.

These videos look at different perspectives when providing care to resident’s who are demonstrating high-risk/aggressive behaviours:

1. Resident’s Perspective
2. Staff’s Perspective
3. Management’s Perspectives

In each perspective video we will look at each perspective using our new HEADS UP Acronym:

H – History
E – Environment
A – Assessment
D – Diagnosis
S – Safety
U – Unity
P – Protocol

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Clear the Fog: The 7 Most Asked Questions about the myTrainer Inservice Program

1. What is the myTrainer Inservice Program and how can I use it?
Your goal and our goal is to help you to see positive behaviour change in your staff, ensuring your organization stays on mission to provide the highest possible of care and services through quality training.

Our nursing consultants have identified several common knowledge gaps, improper assumptions, or apathy in certain areas that are common to Canadian senior care workers. myTrainer is a series of 29+ online courses to help fill those gaps with intentionally selected, designed, and developed training content.

2. Can my staff take these online inservices at home?

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Is Your Training Crap? How to Choose Mission-Driven eLearning

Are you looking for just a checkmark on an attendance sheet, a ‘completed’ status on an eLearning platform, or do you want to see behavioural change in your staff that leads to higher care levels?

At FCS, we’re first and foremost a healthcare training and consulting company with the goal of leading to higher care. Between onsite and online training, we’re involved in over 200 healthcare organizations annually across Canada. This access to so many organizations allows us to spot some industry trends sooner than most.

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen is over the last few years is that everyone and their mother are starting to offer online compliance/mandatory in-service training; whether it’s suppliers, head offices, private companies, organizations, etc. A great idea, so it would seem. Right?

Often times a great idea, poorly implemented, turns into a bad idea. And we may not even realize it.

Most inservice programs we come across are poor at best- frustrating or disappointing user experiences, links to 3rd party websites, overcrowded course lists, boring content, links to “subsection 23.2a” of legislation, and so on.

Everyone seems to have forgotten one important thing: The Staff who have to take these poorly executed training programs. How unfortunate for them!

At FCS we pride ourselves on having dynamic trainers and presenters for all kinds of healthcare staff. Our dynamic presenters help engage the audience, bring the content to life, and provide practical application steps so staff can be successful when they return to the floor. For whatever reason; however, these qualities can easily be overlooked when it comes to online training.

So we asked ourselves…

  • What would online training look like if we started to demand these qualities?
  • What would online training look like if it were developed from a front-line-staff-first perspective?
  • What would online training look like if we tied our care levels to the quality of education we offer?

We understand all management teams are busy and ultimately want to provide the highest possible care levels to their homes. We want to share with you three negative trends that you can keep an eye out for when you are evaluating an online training program.

We strongly believe our industry is at a crossroads with online training. Together, we need to be aware of these trends so we do not casually fall victim to their implications. The trends we create now will be the standards we implement in the future. Lets create positive trends for online training to help ensure higher care levels now and into the future.

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Looking for LTC Training in 2013?

It is our pleasure to remind you that for 30 years FCS International has been conducting:

– Leadership training for Long Term Care (LTC)
– Prevention of Resident Abuse and Neglect Education for LTC
– Complex and Responsive Behaviour Training for LTC

FCS International is a perfect fit as a training provider to help you and your residents benefit from the recent news of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) providing funding for much needed training in Ontario Long Term Care (LTC) Homes.

If you’re a Long Term Care facility looking for eligible and relevant training topics, feel free to check out our:

 Leadership Focused Training

Resident Focused Training
Resident Focused

myTrainer Inservice Program
myTrainer Inservice Program
(Mandatory Training)

Or give us a call (905) 985-6811


The FCS International Team

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Merry Christmas! And Fun FCS Facts from 2012

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